I'm a website developer and blogger, based in Sheffield. I help run several projects, including writing articles for a web hosting organisation.

More about projects I've worked on...

Community Led:

  • TreeTopHost — A website hosting project, with a great free plan for those wanting to get into website development. If you wish to contact me as the Head of Premium Support, email jacob@treetophost.com.
  • UnlimitedWebSpace — A free and unlimited website hosting platform. I left in 2020 due to complications with the CEO; subsequently, I joined TreeTopHost.
  • YoungStudios — A website to help children around age 10 learn their times tables. Terminated in 2019.

My Own Projects:

  • Blog — My personal technology and politics blog!
  • Basic URL Shortner in PHP and .htaccess — This is what powers my short URL site, jbsn.uk.
  • TechForwards — My technology blog before I switched it over to jacobsammon.com, it also contained 'the archive' and was run off of a SammonNET server. Terminated in 2020.
  • SammonNET — SammonNET runs the Sammon network, at it's peak it ran several web-servers and an active directory Windows Server. Currently, it just runs the Sammon's broadband and local servers; it has also terminated its email services (example@sammonnet.com).

I've also worked on countless other websites - using WordPress to Bootstrap, PHP to Javascript.

If you want me to get involved in your project, send me an email - I love to work with great people on community based projects!